Centroid Webinar: Oracle's Virtualization - Rules of Engagement

There still remains some uncertainty when running VMware in an Oracle environment. Join Centroid’s VMware License Practitioners as we cover what you need to know about licensing Oracle on VMware while ensuring compliance and managing costs.

When:  Thursday, August 9th@ 11:00 am EDT


  • Server Partitioning & Virtualization 
  • Hard Partitioning & Oracle Trusted Partitions– which virtualization technologies are accepted by Oracle to license the sub-capacity of a server or cluster of servers?
  • Soft Partitioning, like VMware– which virtualization technologies are NOT accepted by Oracle to license the sub-capacity of a physical server or cluster of servers?
  • VMware 5.0, VMware 5.1 – 5.5, VMware 6.0 and higher?How to count the required number of Oracle licenses on different VMware platforms
  • Oracle’s contractual position with regards to VMware? How to properly adhere to Oracle contracts as they currently exist, and to correctly license Oracle on virtualized infrastructure
  • Non-standard agreements with regards to VMware? What kind of non-standard language can be agreed upon with Oracle to license your Oracle programs on VMware in a different manner?

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