Centroid Webinar: Identifying All Your Data before Cloud Migration

When: Tuesday, August 7, 2018, 11:00 am (EDT)


Enterprise IT environments are complex and rapidly changing.  As social media and its data grow exponentially the reality is that some server assets including its data are becoming "unknown.”  While most information about applications and data is known and well documented, nobody knows what related assets and data are unknown. It’s estimated that during cloud migrations 10%-20% of enterprise servers are typically identified as unused or unknown including its lost data and related software licenses. 

Centroid utilizes a unique scientific tool to discover, inventory and measure our clients' data centers use of technologies. Our advance cloud migration tool provides planning and analytics to identify unused IT assets, identify the migration path for each application and data… ensuring our clients of no lost data and a smooth transition to the cloud.

  1. We map every server in a data center to its business function using our business application topology discovery platform.
  2. After which we provide a list of identified business data sources available in your datacenters to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud.

Webinar topics:

  • IT asset management to cut costs: How we map physical/virtual/cloud servers to their business use and uncover unused but costly assets.10%+ of servers and expensive software licenses are typically not used in most data centers.
  • Business Intelligence: Data centers contain a lot of data about the business that business analysts do not know about including unknown or lost data. We will generate a comprehensive catalog of available structured data for business analysis. Marketing, sales, and other departments will know what data is available for their analysis for new business insights.
  • Integration and Migration of Legacy IT and IoT: Legacy IT is typically not fully known, is redundant, and has to be integrated with the new IoT deployments and other new IT initiatives. We will create an up-to-date catalog of the legacy systems, applications, and dependencies. Based on this up-to-date information we will help define the migration, consolidation, and integration IT strategy.
  • Discuss creating a detailed cloud and platform-to-platform migration and consolidation strategy plan: based on the application dependencies to decrease related risks and costs.
  • Know your data to secure your data: How to classify the data for proper governance leading to better data security. Assist IT operations teams and prepare for disasters in advance. 
  • Generate diagrams to help IT operations teams.  Generated information can be loaded into and maintained up to date in CMDB and Service Management systems.

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