Disaster Recovery

Business stability and disaster recovery are paramount for safeguarding the highest availability of our customers’ applications environment with limited downtime or business disruption.

It’s not uncommon that critical downtime of minutes can translate to losses of millions in today’s business environment. Centroid’s Managed Services solutions are designed to protect company data during an operational disruption of any kind - let us manage it. Our Managed Cloud Disaster Recovery solution is architected to prominently meet core business needs from failure, replication and database imaging to simple backups; our team of recovery experts will design a solution to fit the needs and tolerance of business applications.

Our dedicated experts deliver technology recovery services through the entire application layer, not just for your initial data. Our goal is to ensure that your organization is up and running with little to no effort with scalable, electronic backup and supreme data solutions within our Cloud Disaster Recovery environment.

Our reputation goes beyond the standard to provide elite services that increase your business resiliency, not just an infrastructure up for rent. We focus on managing every aspect for you from disaster recovery plan design, implementation and regular recovery tests to backup disaster recovery.

Enhance your organizational confidence with the ability to protect, assess and recover critical data. Centroid’s Disaster Recovery services ensure that customers have a truly complete and tested, viable plan to restore essential business operations with minimal downtime.