Oracle License Optimization

Centroid guarantees that we will save you money on your Oracle license and support costs, whether you are procuring new Oracle technology and applications, looking to reduce ongoing yearly maintenance and support costs or in response to an audit.

Oracle Licensing represents a significant part of your Organizations IT budget and can often be confusing what with all the recent changes to Oracle pricing.  This is why today large numbers of organizations are at risk of being out of compliance (under-licensed), or over-licensed, resulting in higher licensing costs.

Centroid's Oracle licensing services will help you understand and optimize your license portfolio, so you know you’re compliant and getting the best possible price, terms and conditions for both on premise and Cloud licensing.

Our Guarantee

Whether facing a potential audit, procuring new technology, preparing for a ULA, PULA or Cloud procurement, there is no better time than now to have an expert review of your Oracle support renewals, future procurement impact, including licenses not currently being used. Bottom line is that we guarantee you that we can secure a better deal than you currently have now. If we can’t deliver cost reduction that exceeds our fee, we won’t charge you.

Centroid License Expertise

Centroid has emerged as the foremost experts on Oracle licensing, compliance, Cloud and cost reduction advisory services. Our team of Oracle License Practitioners includes decades of Oracle licensing experience. Centroid has helped to negotiate more than 3,000 Oracle transactions over the past 20 years.

Our Commitment

Centroid helps their clients take back control of their Oracle licensing. A great deal of time and effort is involved in planning, purchasing, managing, and maintaining software licensing. Our commitment to our clients is to maximize their Oracle investment while mitigating any potential downside.

Oracle licensing services

  • Managing Oracle audits: We’ll manage your audit for you and help secure an optimized resolution that works in your favor

  • Proactive licensing review: Take control of your licensing to minimize financial risk and maximize value from any surplus licensing

  • Smarter Oracle procurement: Buying new technology? Talk to us first. We’ll negotiate an Oracle solution that delivers best pricing, terms, and conditions

  • Optimized Oracle support costs: Guaranteed reductions in your current and future Oracle support bills, including the shelving of surplus or unused licenses

  • Save money on your Oracle licensing support: We can save you money on Oracle license and support costs