Managed Services

As an Oracle Partner, we are recognized for our in-depth expertise and excellence in delivering a broad range of Oracle managed services and technologies. Centroid’s expertise offers a full suite of Oracle Managed Services that extends the value of your Oracle investment. Our long-standing history includes Oracle Application Managed Services, Database/System Administration and Oracle Technology and Infrastructure Managed Services required to support a broad portfolio of applications and technologies (ERP, Hyperion, BI, Cloud).

Our solutions allow enterprises to accelerate their growth and adopt a more efficient, agile service delivery.

Businesses want IT to be more flexible and responsive, but also improve efficiency and control costs. Centroid, the customer-proven leader in Oracle Application and Database Managed Services, delivers solutions that enable organizations to lower costs, increase business agility and ensure freedom of choice.

From our beginnings over a decade ago, we have worked closely with senior executives across multiple industries to address their most critical business objectives through our selective application outsourcing approach. Our services go beyond traditional development and maintenance - we help your organization achieve high performance.

Because we provide a highly experienced and geographically closer staff, we offer faster results using fewer people, which saves you money - even over our offshore competitors.

We provide value and results to our customers

If we do not live up to our promise, we suffer financial penalties - no strings attached. We build long-term relationships with our customers, partners and employees so that together we can build structurally sound solutions.

We believe that high performers push the envelope. They outperform their competition and themselves. As a high performing company, we put this belief into practice every day. That is why we take full responsibility for our work and the risks.

Our selective outsourcing approach takes application development and maintenance to the next level, helping our clients to increase value from IT investments while reducing total cost of ownership. As organizations look to new sources of innovation, efficiency and competitive advantage, outsourcing is increasingly chosen as a means to achieve these goals.

Outsourcing, however, is more than a cost-saving mechanism. It is an indispensable business tool that will not only reduce cost, but also drive business value.

Our outsourcing capabilities are established around:

  • Technical Application Support
  • Functional User Support
  • Database Management
  • Application Helpdesk
  • Hardware and O/S Support