HID Global Saves 35% with Oracle Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service

HID Global, headquartered in Austin, TX, provides a customer-facing, front-office enterprise system that allows customers to build and authenticate digital keys for some of the world’s most secure ID cards, security badges, and digital access tools that verify, identify, and track physical and digital access for millions of employees in over 100 countries.

Since HID’s innovative security tools empower their clients to access locations and records anywhere and anytime, the secure-access company knew they needed a disaster recovery system to avoid potential service interruptions and deliver full customer satisfaction. But they didn’t have months to spend implementing and learning a new system.

Cloud Experts Find HID’s Perfect Fit

Since they hadn’t experienced service interruptions with their always-on system, HID hadn’t previously investigated disaster recovery options. To learn more, they spoke to the Oracle team, who introduced HID to the cloud experts: Centroid. 

Through discussion, Centroid determined that Oracle Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) would be the best fit for HID. Not only would the DRaaS system provide an easy, nearly instantaneous “push-button” set up, it would also provide secure flexibility in the long-term. To speed the project even more, Centroid suggested that HID utilize Oracle’s integrated Database Cloud Service, Java Cloud Service, and SOA Cloud Service. This combined package would provide a scalable system to support any size workload; built-in, multi-layered security and encryption by default for data in transit and at rest; rapid, agile deployment of all applications; and comprehensive integration for HID’s dynamic workloads. 

“HID was considering setting up an on-premises model, but we knew that wasn’t the right choice because it would take extra time, people, and procurement for racking-and-stacking, installation, and all those other hassles,” said Jim Brull, Managing Partner at Centroid. “After architecting HID’s Oracle Cloud business continuity solution, we were able to push a button and spin up their environments quickly. That eliminated months of time off the project.” 

Fast Installation Provides Long-Term Disaster Coverage

It took only weeks for Centroid to have the project near completion, including comprehensive testing and building a new cloud architecture. Not only does the system work perfectly, the fast timeline and effective solution has saved HID 35% over the cost of traditional, on-premises disaster recovery. 

Plus, the cloud-based solution enables HID to eliminate the hassle of buying and managing on-premises licenses and infrastructure, which will save them from extra time and costs going forward.


The nitty gritty

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  • Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Infrastructure
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  • Oracle Object and Block Storage
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