Centroid and the Oracle Cloud Let Creativity Flourish at Charles Tombras Advertising

Since its inception in 1946, family-owned Charles Tombras Advertising (The Tombras Group) has grown steadily, reaping a long list of awards and accolades along the way.  Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, the agency now runs five offices with more than 300 employees and bills annually in excess of $250 million. In order to continue its long history of success, The Tombras Group leadership identified the need to focus on core competencies.

The burden of data

Vital to business operations is data – and yet the ongoing management of an on-premise data center was becoming cumbersome and distracting for The Tombras Group. Time spent managing their data infrastructure was getting in the way of focusing on their core competencies –  the very reason they’re in business in the first place.

Tombras management knew the way to solve their problem was to connect with a cloud services technology provider with proven expertise in Oracle products that could exclusively and safely manage their continuously growing data and Tableau environments from on-premise to the cloud.

Relief found in the Oracle Cloud 

Centroid got right to work to bring Tombras end-to-end solutions to their challenges. They assembled the staffing required to build a custom, comprehensive Oracle Cloud infrastructure that would handle Tombras’ Tableau environments.

In addition, Centroid provides the necessary personnel to manage all aspects of Tombras’ data: recovery, planning, operational management, and regular testing.  “Our managed services provides The Tombras Group with the people, tools, techniques and best practices they didn’t have previously” states Jim Brull, Managing Partner, Centroid. “It was just what The Tombras Group needed to achieve strategic business objectives.”  

Tombras was able to free up valuable employee time with Oracle. By having Centroid successfully design and build a cloud infrastructure, oversee a seamless migration of data, and then provide comprehensive management services for the entire environment, Tombras could focus on growth. Because of Centroid and the Oracle Cloud, Tombras accelerated their client acquisition and exceeded revenue goals. 


The nitty gritty

Oracle Products
  • Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Infrastructure 
  • Oracle VM Cloud Infrastructure
  • Windows OS
  • Oracle Object and Block Storage
  • Tableau Server
  • Datawarehouse