Recent studies suggest that 83% of enterprise workloads will be on the cloud by 2020, which means that cloud adoption is undeniably on the rise. This shift isn’t surprising considering the wide range of cloud solutions now available, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS options that can drastically reduce CapEx investments and increase operational agility for modern businesses. 


Centroid hired Don Guzniczak as Senior Manager Engineered Systems and Tech Strategy. "Don brings a wealth of industry and technology experience and expertise to our team," states Ajay Arora, Managing Partner. "He will be an incredible asset not only to Centroid, but also to our clients - which is what really matters." 


Does it sometimes seem like IT and the boardroom are speaking different languages when discussing or planning business success? This is a common problem for companies across the world, yet this lack of communication can be extremely frustrating for both groups. IT may feel like the C-suite is running them around in circles, and execs often feel that IT is needlessly standing in the way of growth opportunities.

Centroid hired Prem Anand as Cloud Architect on the Cloud and Technology Team. "Adding Prem deepens our talent bench," states Ajay Arora, Managing Partner. "We look forward to his contributions to the company and our clients."


Cloud technology provides unprecedented access for your employees, customers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers to productively interact with relevant data anytime and anywhere, but with the wrong setup it could also open the door for security hazards.


Oracle Cloud ERP Release 12 has provided multiple ways to integrate and exchange data from/to external systems.  More details about each of the available options can be found in the Oracle Enterprise Repository:

Centroid hired Ken Binkley as a Project Manger on the Cloud and Technology Team. "We are so excited to have Ken on our team," states Ann Habel, Technical Consulting Manager. "His years of technology experience, business acumen, and proven track record will be an incredible asset to our team."

Ken has over 20 years of experience working as a Project Manager in the High Tech industry, and will work out of Centroid's office in Troy, Michigan.



Oracle engineered systems offer an entirely new solution to an old problem: namely, how can an organization achieve the long-term speed and performance they require, in a reliable, cost-effective package that’s easy to set up and deploy?

To succeed in that aim, there are three critical tasks you’ll want to take care of before you invest in Oracle engineered systems.

1. Choose for the Future