Cloud technology provides unprecedented access for your employees, customers, contractors, vendors, and suppliers to productively interact with relevant data anytime and anywhere, but with the wrong setup it could also open the door for security hazards.


Oracle Cloud ERP Release 12 has provided multiple ways to integrate and exchange data from/to external systems.  More details about each of the available options can be found in the Oracle Enterprise Repository:

Centroid hired Ken Binkley as a Project Manger on the Cloud and Technology Team. "We are so excited to have Ken on our team," states Ann Habel, Technical Consulting Manager. "His years of technology experience, business acumen, and proven track record will be an incredible asset to our team."

Ken has over 20 years of experience working as a Project Manager in the High Tech industry, and will work out of Centroid's office in Troy, Michigan.



Oracle engineered systems offer an entirely new solution to an old problem: namely, how can an organization achieve the long-term speed and performance they require, in a reliable, cost-effective package that’s easy to set up and deploy?

To succeed in that aim, there are three critical tasks you’ll want to take care of before you invest in Oracle engineered systems.

1. Choose for the Future


Centroid, a technology company and Oracle Platinum-level partner, has hired Keith Lee as Director of Sales, Northern California | Named Accounts.

“We are thrilled to have Keith join our team," states Paresh Patel, Managing Partner. "His depth of Oracle knowledge and experience combined with his customer-driven leadership style will complement and enhance our company.”


Not all software consulting companies are the same, and since business software changes usually develop into long-term engagements, it’s a smart idea to be prepared when you’re comparing all your options. With that in mind, here are a few things to stay alert about while you’re selecting a new software consulting company for your current and future business needs.


In our modern Age of Big Data, we all know that business analytics solutions form the backbone of our decision-making capabilities.

Drawing from a wide range of sources and data points from both inside and outside the organization, today’s intelligent business software applications work tirelessly, around the clock, to provide companies with the deep insight and clear visualizations they need to maintain their competitive edge and pivot quickly when needed.


Oracle Cloud ERP Release 12 has provided a user-friendly framework and offers excellent features for business users to personalize the layout of pages using page customizations. Centroid has implemented many Cloud ERP page customizations for a variety of clients looking to tailor the user experience in some way, optimize processes by streamlining keystrokes, and add/remove fields relevant to a particular business use case.


Oracle Cloud ERP Financials has provided a user-friendly framework and it offers excellent features for the Finance department. Centroid has recently implemented Cloud Financials (GL, AP) and Cloud Procurement for a client in less than 4 months and went live successfully.

We would like to share some of the lessons learned during the implementation:

Roles and Users


For an industry that’s been around for centuries, finance and banking certainly has changed a lot in just a few years. Driven by the pace of technical trends such as mobile banking and online FinTech, as well as changing industry expectations from a growing Millennial client base, today’s financial and banking institutions need to act decisively in order to stay ahead of disruptors.

Start planning your next move when you understand the three top challenges the finance/banking industry faces, and how the right Oracle consultant can help you overcome your obstacles.